Managing Performance Integrating performance objectives with business strategies can be challenging at the best of times, especially if you donít have a well thought out Performance Management System that drives and manages these performance objectives.

Question: "How do you build a Performance Management System that (1) aligns people to the business goals, (2) gets everyone pulling in the same direction, (3) effectively measures their ongoing performance and (4) creates a culture of ownership through self-managed accountability?"

Answer: "Utilizing web-based technology, ePIP is the answer for a best practice online Performance Management System."

The ePIP is much more than a Performance Management System. Itís a state of the art Strategic Business Development System that allows you to cascade business and development goals to every level of your business.

ePIP incorporates:
  1. Cascading of the business plan,
  2. Tracking / reporting of department, team and individual business goals,
  3. Development and measurement of competencies,
  4. 360-degree feedback,
  5. Training needs analysis and
  6. Ongoing manager / staff coaching sessions.
This HR best practice online system uses push technology through your e-mail system. The e-mail notifications, follow-up and scoring are fully automated, drastically cutting down on implementation and administration time.

S.M.A.R.T System The ePIP is a S.M.A.R.T. state-of-the-art online system that keeps the business plan alive, while keeping a close focus on an organisationís performance and development. The ePIP is a

Strategic performance management system that
Reviews and
Tracks organisational performance over time.

What will it do for you? The ePIP is a tool that enables you to easily track individual, team and organisational performance by tracking both business objectives and professional development objectives in parallel.

It allows you to incorporate 360-degree feedback (from internal or external stakeholders anywhere in the world) into the performance review.

It effectively prompts managers to meet with team members on a regular basis for supervision, coaching, and reviewing achievements.

It helps to build productive teams, as team members get involved in the strategic plan, as itís cascaded throughout the organisation.

It empowers employees and increases their accountability as they set goals and become the pro-active drivers of the process.

It produces an automated Training Needs Analysis, customised to your organisation with data inputted by the employee.

The competency criteria, rating descriptions, and automated emails are customised to your needs and culture.

Reports are produced that provide you with information across all teams. You can compare teams and results within one year and from year to year.

The programme can be coordinated in-house so that the client is in control of the process. Help-desk support is available.

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