360-Degree Review The ePIP 360-degree review system systematically helps maximise employee performance using best practice methodologies and utilising the latest in technology. The 360-degree review questionnaire can be tailored to suit so that all employees are measured on the organisationís core competencies and behaviours. In this way, it provides direct linkages to organisation values in action.

Itís a self-driven, fully integrated 360-degree, multi-rating Performance Review System that results in specific action plans and Management By Objective goal tracking for performance improvement.

Itís a totally electronic, web-based system that eliminates the ďpaper warĒ of most traditional paper-based 360-degree review systems. The ePIPís email push-technology is proactive in making requests and timely reminders. The email notification, follow-up and scoring are fully automated, drastically cutting down on the administration time needed to successfully implement and complete a full performance appraisal round, with the resulting goal tracking.

There are no central data entry bottlenecks; all information is collected as participants interact with the appraisal process as it unfolds. Those responsible for HR are therefore released to concentrate on and support the quality of the performance appraisal process itself.

Management by Objective The ePIP system effectively measures and gives comprehensive feedback on the organisationís key practices that are required for effective work performance.

In addition, and this makes the ePIP system different from other technology solutions, the system can record, track and manage employee Goals and Objectives and performance standards, over time Ė ie. Management by Objective.

The ePIP is an effective structure for support that will provide your organisation with the ability to focus employee and team performance on the key performance indicators (KPIs) needed to fulfil the organisationís Business Plan. Itís a fully automated, twelve-month of the year Management by Objective System thatís proven to work.

Employee Initiated Our research has shown that any review of performance is of more immediate importance to the one being reviewed than it is to the one doing the reviewing. Employees have a real sense of initiating the ePIP performance appraisal process themselves and, in partnership with their manager, they get to play their part in implementing it.

This approach brings a higher degree of ownership in the review process, while freeing up the managerís workload and allowing them to participate more readily as the coach / mentor.Throughout the ePIP process the relationship is a co-operative one. The process removes the potential confrontation of traditional review programmes and promotes timely communication between managers and their team members. Performance-related issues are brought up and dealt with in a non-threatening way as the manager / coach operates beside their team members as a colleague. As a result of the appraisal process the team members accept full responsibility and control for their own performance, and its improvement, and look to their manager for the coaching thatís needed.

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