New Organisations Performance Reviews in the New Organisation

"A one-on-one review with the boss/manager can be totally dictatorial in nature and as a system it has been one of the pillars of the old structure. In the new organisation, such performance reviews by the boss are far less relevant. The boss's review can often be just the hierarchy talking and in many cases, the boss doesn't know how well the staff member is doing. What is often taking its place is the far more effective approach of performance reviews done by co-workers.

Many of today's organisations are moving toward a system of performance reviews using information from a combination of five sources. A single staff member will receive appraisals from peers, internal customers, staff, self and the boss. Feedback from this combination can add up to one 360-degree review that is effective because it reflects the entire range of a person's work."
"The Visionary Leader" by Wall, Solum & Sobel

Reviewing Performance "A performance review is one of the most significant opportunities a manager will have to help employees close the gap between actual performance and the performance needed to meet and exceed individual, department and corporate objectives. Done correctly, performance reviews provide the employee with valuable development feedback, and it’s an opportunity to give an honest assessment on how the manager is managing. Every employee wants to be told how he or she is doing honestly and often."
"The Human Touch Performance Appraisal”

Given that the above is true, that the review process can be the best opportunity to improve an individual’s performance, why is it that it can be one of the tasks that pose the most difficulty for managers? The traditional one-on-one performance appraisal, when it gets done, can often cause an adversarial relationship. The manager often becomes the judge and the jury, leaving the employees feeling as though they’re not in control of their own destiny. Now, with the advent of "best practice" methodologies and new leading edge technology, there is a better way – there’s the ePIP 360-degree performance review system.

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